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“We learned so much!”  “It was awesome”

“I didn’t know entrepreneurship was so cool”

“I could see myself on the cover of TIME magazine”

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Entrepreneurial Mentorship

Attention all teens! Using entrepreneurship early is life changing. Become resilient, develop financial independence and take control of your time.

About Advance Youth Now

We are inspired by empowered youth. Advance Youth Now was founded by Sawsan and Fawwaz, a brother and sister team who are both successful entrepreneurs and strongly believe in enterepreneurship for youth.

Entrepreneurship blog

“Define success in your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.”

Anne Sweeney, Former Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks

Entrepreneurial Mentorship

Our 5 steps to entrepreneurship are innovative, unique and fun.

The world’s first youth development programme for ambitious teens and young adults destined to become great business leaders.

Our philosophy

At Advance Youth Now, we use meaningful play and design thinking approaches, delivered through interactive workshops specifically developed to advance critical thinking skills, intuitive decision making, advanced social and relationship skills, as well as the entrepreneurial mindset required to identify and act upon an opportunity.

“I believe in teaching young people the value of networking as well as the skills required to follow up on the people you meet.”

Fawwaz Khuri

Co-Founder, Advance Youth Now

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