How might we instill entrepreneurial thinking beyond the Business Studies curriculum?

by | 12th April, 2019

Some progressive schools are already working hard at developing entrepreneurial confidence in their students. Sadly, these schools are few and far between. What can we learn from their experiences and methods, and how might we develop entrepreneurial confidence in every teenager worldwide? This enlightening blog from the Independent Schools Council website talks about “entrepreneurial habits of mind” and aligns beautifully with what teenagers get from our Advance Youth Now mentoring events.

“The ability to assess risk and reward and to make good decisions aren’t just CV attributes—they are essential to what it means to be a successful human being.”

Our 5-step interactive programme does just that. We start with enabling teenagers to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset and apply it in their daily life, find an aim to work towards and act to fulfil it, and in this way advance themselves and their future.

Read more on the Independent Schools Council website here.