Talking less and questioning more provides teenagers with a powerful tool for decision making and problem solving

by | 16th May, 2019

Parenting books line the shelves of bookshops and parenting blogs clutter up the internet, and yet parents are always seeking new ways and ideas to inspire, educate, and basically raise their kids into confident, successful young adults. When our children were little, we found the best advice was in being consistent, firm, and providing them with less structure and expanding limits as they grew older, so they learn responsibility and confidence in making choices.

This blog is aimed at the teenager bracket, and mirrors our findings that listening and questioning are powerful in helping youth arrive at solutions to their problems by their own process of reasoning. This in turn provides them with the tools they will need to solve problems as they move forward in their professions and daily life. Being a problem solver is one of the key traits of an entrepreneur, and is very much part of the mentoring at Advance Youth Now.

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