We need to give teenagers life skills to help them navigate the world.

by | 27th June, 2019

We had a great time at our September event in Exeter!

The range of subjects we teach at schools is impressive, in our concern to reach all learners and broaden horizons. The only thing missing is what needs to complement knowledge based learning – decision making skills, entrepreneurship and communication. Stephen Johnson (author and thought leader) wrote a book about decision making (Farsighted, 2018) showing it is a skill that informs every aspect of our professional and personal lives, and one that we should bring directly to the younger age groups that need it most.

We agree him that teenagers should be provided with techniques that enable them to weigh up the givens, assess risk, build in uncertainty and make informed, farsighted decisions. Our Entrepreneurship Immersive weekend events and You The Entrepreneur week-long events include decision making skills training, giving teenagers the tools and the confidence to apply them in their lives.

Read more from Stephen Johnson on this topic here.