Engage those agile brains before they get fixed into one track

by | 30th September, 2019

We are all born with a clean slate, mostly curious and mostly brave. Nurture then starts to tamper with nature, and many stay curious but become less brave as the years wear on.

Research shows that teenagers are right at that crucial turning point where, when supported and empowered, grow and develop beyond their dreams.

It all starts with overcoming limitations and gaining confidence, then learning a few business skills to get set up. Our tried and tested tool for turning passion into purpose then yields ideas that can be acted on, be it for social change or a business start-up or other type of enterprise.

The blog linked here gives large business three pieces of advice for capturing teenage minds. We ask a simple question: why shouldn’t a teenager capture their own mind and develop their ideas independently?

Would love to discuss this with you at our next event!