Time management is attention management

by | 25th October, 2019

McKinsey, the global management consulting firm, wrote a piece about time management in 2013. Then in 2019 they relaunched it… not enough companies had taken this key skill on board in a way that was having the positive effect they wanted. People were still complaining that most of their time was taken doing things that were not directly aligned with company strategy. You can read the article at this link if you like.

So this got us to thinking: how do we spend our time and what is the underlying element that we actually need to manage?

We began to realise that the issue was more about managing attention than managing time.

Distractions today are everywhere, whether staring out the window at the rain or at a device for the latest social media posts. It is by managing our attention that we learn to manage our time, and this is one of the topics that we cover at Advance Youth Now.