Interview with Sawsan in Grow magazine!

by | 29th March, 2020

Sawsan was featured in the March issue of Grow magazine! Grow focuses on positive news from local businesses and we are thrilled with the legacy focus they used for the article about Sawsan.  

Here is an excerpt from the article:
“I quizzed Sawsan on her definition of entrepreneurship (aside from the somewhat stereotypical examples of Richard Branson or Lord Alan Sugar which often readily roll off of the tongue). She replied,

“We try to smash to pieces the common misconceptions around entrepreneurship in the first ten minutes of our workshops. We hold to the definition of entrepreneurship used by the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. They define it as ‘creating something new that is of value to others through learning by trial and error.’ 

She went on,

“This definition nods towards the common traits shared by true entrepreneurs. Bravery, creativity and resilience along with the willingness to get things wrong, learn quickly from their mistakes, adjust and try again. After all, there is only so much that we can train and prepare young people for the realities of the entrepreneurial life. There are some lessons that you can only learn first-hand by experience and not in a workshop or learning environment. But what we can give these young people are the fundamental skills to understand and navigate those experiences and situations properly.”

Thank you Joff Alexander-Frye for a fabulous interview and write up.
Read the full interview at this link.