Entrepreneurial Mentorship

Our 5 steps to entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Immersive events

Our next event has been rescheduled in response to current guidelines on the coronavirus pandemic.

Experience entrepreneurship from start to launch with our 5-step fun, interactive experience. Teens adopt a growth mindset and apply it in their daily life, find an aim to work towards and act to fulfil it, and in this way advance themselves and their future.

You the Entrepreneur

One week of intensive action filled entrepreneurship mentoring, leading teens from adopting an entrepreneurial mindset all the way through to building a viable business.

Co-pilot Mentorship

For teens who have become AYN Business Champions, we offer an exclusive, longer term individual mentorship to support and enhance their entrepreneurial journey.

Teen Entrepreneurship Engagements (B2B)

Working with youth-focused institutions globally to promote and embed entrepreneurship early in teens. Call us for more details.

Adopt an entrepreneurial mindset

Success begins from within the family core. Discover the secrets and power of positive thinking and growth mindset.

Feeling brave and empowered, we can achieve bigger, better, and broader. We equip members with an entrepreneurial mindset, giving them tools for communicating with conviction, staying positive, and handling their fears and limitations.

“If you push through that feeling of being scared, that feeling of taking risk, really amazing things can happen.”

Marissa Mayer

Former CEO, Yahoo! Inc

Apply this mindset in your daily life

Change is applying new ways to old systems.

Opportunities are everywhere once we know how to recognize them. Members apply communication and innovation skills to develop their leadership and teamwork skills. These build their emotional and cultural intelligence and their application to business and everyday life.

“I believe in teaching young people the value of networking as well as the skills required to follow up on the people you meet.”

Fawwaz Khuri

Co-Founder, Advance Youth Now

Aim to find your purpose

Aim high, aim sharp, aim true.

Developing a vision is crucial to starting a new business. Members identify their purpose, and build a framework for their virtual business. Building on skills they learned in previous steps, members create marketing materials and perfect sales techniques to start thinking big.

“Define success in your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.”

Anne Sweeney

Former Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks

Act to make it happen

The Act step is where things take off.

A thought, an idea, a vision are invisible. This step guides members into turning their invisible aim into a visible product, with a website and prototype to build their business. Members learn how to form a company, recruit their team, deliver a sales pitch and conduct negotiations. Here is where they fly.

“Magic happens when you turn a young person’s passion into a purpose, and the purpose into an action.”

Sawsan Khuri

Co-Founder, Advance Youth Now

Advance and build your success

You are now a Business Champion!

You have adopted a positive mindset, applied it in your daily life, developed an aim and acted upon it. In this step, we continue your development with options for investment, funding, business partnerships, interview technique and a deeper look at innovation practices.

“Getting introduced to entrepreneurship has opened up a whole new world for me, and I have met some amazing people that I want to continue to work with.”

Fuad Khuri

Advance Youth Now

Our business development promise

Our Business Development Promise will help you launch your business into the market.

We offer additional mentorship to enhance your marketing & sales processes, and refine your prototype and product delivery.

With Advance Youth Now behind you all the way, you can realise your entrepreneurial potential with your first business venture.

Our philosophy

We use meaningful play and design thinking approaches, delivered through interactive workshops specifically developed to advance critical thinking skills, intuitive decision making, advanced social and relationship skills, as well as the entrepreneurial mindset required to identify and act upon an opportunity.

“Children should be taught soft skills like independent thinking, values and team-work.”

Jack Ma

Founder, Alibaba

Free materials and online content are included for members to take away and use to develop their entrepreneurial journey.

Our mentorship is tailored to accommodate the demanding schedule of teens and young adults, we fit in with your schedules.

“We could be doing a better job helping our children earlier on with developing critical business acumen to be more successful later in life.”

Vishen Lakhiani

Founder & CEO, Mindvalley

Our members will receive our prized AYN certificate when they complete the Advance Youth Now 5 Arrive Mentorship.